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Published on November 27th, 2009 | by Alexander Graf


Mini Ninjas – Review

My first post will be about the game “Mini Ninjas”. In my review I will not for a long time desctibe the game, because it represents itself, evaluates the items and so on. I do not even put it in front of the goal. I just want to talk about the games that I liked and that I would like to add.

«Mini Ninjas» is not an ordinary game. Even the creators have never had experience in this genre, but still took up the matter, apparently decided to try their hand at a new role. Before IO Interactive engaged in cold-blooded, serious projects, such as “Hitman” (all love bald Agent’a 47) and “Kane & Lynch: Dead Men”(a story of two characters with complicated fate), and now have created a pretty good game.

When I first looked through the trailer even before the game, I liked a stylized (not photorealistic) schedule and the fact that the main character is a ninja. The word calls to mind many ninja games (series «Tenchu», «Ninja Gaiden», «Ninja Blade»), and I was glad to see this “cute” project about the soldiers of the night.

So about the game. Immediately I was strucked by the individual style of the opening video (which tells us that an evil wizard has turned all the animals into Samurai and only protagonist – a ninja named Hiro, and his friends (also a ninja) can save the world), the basic idea painfully banal but for this game fits all. Also other render video (video of each character) are cool.

I was very touched to the depths of the soul by the graphics and landscapes. They are beautiful, they look nice, sometimes I even want to stop and to spend a couple of minutes of playing.

The characters are animated very high quality (the main ninja acrobatics, including somersaults, jumps, and the samurai and funny animals), the interaction with the game world is great (hiding, running along the walls, collecting the fruit of the bushes, and trees).

I was pleased also by the Gameplay.

There is a very interesting system of mixing the ingredients. There first is to buy a recipe, find herbs, then mix them to get what you want (such as health potions).

There is a hat wearing it on the head one hides from the arrows, and the water – one uses it like a boat. On the water it is possible to catch a fish and make “sushi” of it, it helps restore a life. At one level, there was an interesting script time: the flow in the passage was very strong and one can not swim, we had to catch a big fish on a hook, but it was struggling swim through this passage thereby taking with him his tormentor.

The role-playing game system is also presented, but on a very primitive level and one has more than the stronger character’s skills but one choose what he wants that can not be improved.

The game also has different spells, for example one can produce a fire, cause the meteor rain, thunder, wind and more. But the most amusing, in my opinion, is imploring the astral body, you will turn in different animals (many of them).

And at the ending of the game and within the samurai it gives some advantages: when you come out of a samurai he is neutralized, one has more life than the animals. You are not attacked (only when held side by side and are at what you do). To learn a new spell one must first find a special flower, put it on the altar, pray a couple of seconds and the news spells are known.

There is also an opportunity to concentrate while a magic power appears and an arrow indicates the correct path.

In my humble opinion one could add a few things:

  • By the end of the game it becomes monotonous, and one does not have enough interest, the game could be decorated with the story line, added with some unexpected little twists and turns.
  • There are no additional, optional tasks (quests), alternative endings that would be complementary and would like to go again.
  • It is also interesting to see the main characters in the other suits, such as winter, to change the skin to the white suit.
  • There is no such thing that would force players to return and find all the items to open additional levels, skills (a good example of this series “Spyro”). Also, the maximum development is achieved little in advance in order to better themselves before the final Bos (or after). This will give the player a chance to enjoy the new skills passing game levels once again
Mini Ninjas – Review Alexander Graf

Mini Ninjas

Novelty(idea): Good, nice and preety - 95%
Graphics: Beautiful cartoon style - 95%
Gameplay: Very nice - 90%
Sound: Good, does not prevent - 85%
Control: OK, but not perfect - 85%

Summary: In general, the game lived up to my expectations and gave me pleasure.



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